Salaam ladies! Today I'm going for a city look. Many hijabis that live in the major cities of the U.S obviously have style! This is a post dedicated to them! I went for a fresh, easy style. The colors of black and blue are perfect winter colors. Of course we wouldn't use the sandals for the ladies that live in the cold states, but a pair of black boots would complete the look!
City Walk

The hijab could be wrapped so that the earrings are shown, or you could opt to keep them for an indoor look. Enjoy! May Allah bless & reward us all. ~ Nisa
Asalaam alaikum everyone! Insha'allah I will begin to update more. I lost the password to my blogspot account, and I have finally recovered it. It has been such a long time, and I'm ready to share my thoughts again! May Allah bless and reward us all! ~ Nisa
Insha allah I will be posting a bit more often. I had to take a break from the blogger world. It was getting a little too much to keep up with the blog and all. Now I need to catch up with all of the blogs of other sisters. One thing that really shocked me when I came back was the fact that sister Kimdonesia left Islam. I am so heart broken about this.

Other than that, I will be back with more polyvore outfits, knitting, facial ingredients, poems, stories, my life, and so on. May allah bless and reward us all! ~ Nisa
Blueberry muffins are a delicious treat for suhoor, so if you sisters can get up early enough make your families or yourself some muffins. My Mom made them for my family this morning complete with oatmeal. Very filling, and I'm not even hungry yet. Ramadan went very quickly! We only have 11/12 days left depending on the sighting of the moon, alhamdulilah! I got this really pretty Cinderella-copy baby blue dress. It's so pretty, but now I need a nice cardigan, hijab, socks, jewelry, and a hijab. Insha allah on Saturday I will be doing henna to make money for those things, and a few gifts.

Speaking of gifts, I knit my friend A a pair of fingerless gloves. I can't find the name of the pattern I used to give you an idea of what they look like, but they are so pretty. I really want to keep them for myself. Lol. They are a soft lime green with a lime green bow. Then I made my mother a cowl, scarf, shawl thing. It's the Irish Hiking Scarf but I knit it on big needles so that it could be 3-in-1. Next I'm knitting my little sister a Zig Zag Trellis Scarf. Insha allah I will have that finished before Eid if I work hard enough. I still have to knit a few pairs of slippers, some more fingerless gloves, and maybe another scarf if I have time. If not, I'll just buy the rest of the gifts that I have to give.

We have been going to Iftar night at the masjid every Saturday and Sunday. There is so much good food there, the sisters in my community really know how to cook! I have so much fun when I go. My friends are always there, and we have a table reserved for us that we sit at every Iftar Night. Alhamdulilah, I have amazing friends. This Ramadan is going way too quickly. I'm getting used to breaking my fast and fasting so much that it doesn't really feel like anything anymore. These days of Ramadan are like clock work. A typical day for me, get up for suhoor, make fajr, read quran, go do school work, make zuhr, take hour nap, clean house, prepare iftar, more qu'ran/arabic, exercise, Isha/Taraweeh, bed time. Then it starts all over again.

The Qu'ran reading is going great. I'm still memorizing surah al-Fajr. It's a beautiful surah, but it's taking me awhile to memorize it. My younger brother has memorized more of it than I have, but we all work at different paces. Speaking of learning, school started yesterday so I'm doubly busy.

This Ramadan has been amazing for me so far! I love Ramadan, I love being Muslim! Alhamdulilah! May Allah bless and guide us all! -Nisa
I have put together a polyvore set for the things that you should have in your purse! I have the problem of filling up my purse with the basic needs, so this is a basic guideline for me. I hate having to carry around a half empty purse, but I don't want it to be too junky either.
Things a girl MUST have in her purse:

1. Pocket Mirror

2. Extra tampon or pad

3. Three million different kinds of lip gloss

4. Chewing gum

5. Matching Eye Glass case

6. Sunglasses that match with almost anything

7. Hand cleanser

8. A book/ Noble Qu'ran

9. A pad and pen

10. Hand lotion

11. Clear nail polish

12. Eye liner and Kohl

13. Wallet that does NOT match.

14. Cell phone

15. MP3 Player
Today I really am feeling hungry, but I can handle it. I'm keeping my mind off the idea that hunger pain sharks are ripping at my stomach. OK, so it's not that bad. It's just uncomfortable. I believe I am keeping control of my temper. Haven't had an argument with my siblings yet. If they do something to irk my nerve, I just keep it low-key. Doing a great job over here, alhamdulilah! :D

Last night we did attend taraweeh prayer. I wore my blue abaya with a blue hijab and white under cap. My friends were all there. The sheik let his son and brother lead a few of the prayers this time, so we had three different types of recitations last night. Alhamdulilah, it was really nice. There were more men there than usual, but not many more women. That's usually the case at our masjid. My friends were talking of an organized sleep-over at the masjid. The young sisters in one room, and the brothers in another big room. To be quite honest, I don't think I would feel comfortable. For one, if we have to sleep in hijab that is no fun. If we don't, what if someone comes in? Two, I don't like waking up looking at a whole bunch of people who have just woken up. Three, what if someone steps on me while trying to get to the bathroom? No thank you, sleeping over at the masjid seems like a terrible idea. Maybe a huge late night get-together, but not a sleep over.
This morning for suhoor we had cheerios, apple sauce, and water. My Mom wasn't feeling well so we were expecting her to cook. I can cook, but I don't like to cook. Rather not risk burning our suhoor, so we just ate cereal. It was really yummy anyhow. I am still trying to memorize surah al-fajr. Tonight insha allah I will do Qu'ran. I don't know if we will be attending taraweeh at the masjid tonight. We'll see what my Dad says.

I have been thinking about giving charity. On my own. As an individual. What could I give as charity? I don't have much money, but I can knit. So I think I will find an organization to knit preemie baby hats for. That would be such a nice thing to do. I love babies. So insha allah I will try to do my best. What about you? May allah bless and reward us all! -Nisa
This is the fourth day of Ramadan. I missed yesterdays post. You know how Mondays are, hectic. So, on Monday we had Oatmeal mixed with unsweetened apple sauce. It was soooo good, and so filling. It kept me full all through the day. I wasn't even really hungry until 7 PM came around, and the hunger pains started their attack. Alhamdulilah, that was a wholesome suhoor. Then we had Spanish rice and chicken for Iftar. We did not pray taraweeh at the masjid, my brother led it at home instead. Yesterday went by so quickly, I forgot that I was fasting. I practiced the surah Al-fajr yesterday for my daily dose of qu'ran. Beautiful surah with a beautiful meaning.

Today for suhoor we had cereal. I had Apple jacks and a banana. Yummy! I do not know what we will have for iftar tonight. I do think we are going to attend Taraweeh at the masjid tonight, so insha allah we will go. I will probably wear my blue abaya to the prayers if we do go. It is a little heavy, but I can handle it. It's not all that hot today either. It's actually very cool. Allah is ever merciful! I'm going to read surah al-fajr again today, insha allah. I have no idea what I will be buying for my friends for Eid. I will probably go to two festivals to do henna to make money. Then I can buy an Eid outfit, and gifts for my family & friends. May Allah bless and reward us all! - Nisa