Whenever I see a niqabi I gaze in wonder. There is something about Muslim women who wear the niqabi. They seem so elegant draped in their modest apparel. It's beautiful, even though you can't see their face. They seem to have a sort of grace to them. The way they carry themselves, and act. The way they cover themselves from head to toe, including their faces. It's just beautiful. I don't even know how to describe the sensing piousness that niqabi's have that makes them seem so beautiful. Some ignorant people may see niqabi's as oppressed, and forced to wear this. Although the same goes for hijabi's, I believe it is quite more common when it comes to niqabis. No you ignorant people, these women are doing it out of respect for themselves and Allah! No one forces someone to wear the niqab. The mainstream media doesn't help spread this fact very well either.

Insha Allah when I am older and married I would like to wear the niqab. I hope to have a whole wadrobe of every color and style that I can find. Blue, gray, soft pink, black, and earth tones. Just so you all know, I do not have a weird fettish for niqabis. Lol. They are just very elegant, beautiful, and pious in my eyes. This goes for my hijabi sisters out there! :) May Allah bless & guide us all. - Nisa
Look at that big, juicy tomato. I have been using an all natrual cleanser, the tomato kind! Now when my Mom is making a salad all I do is sneak up and steal the top of the tomato. :D You know us Muslim sisters have to keep ourselves pampered, so why not do it the natrual way?

I've always had problems with acne, blemishes, and slight discoloration in the face. I use the top of a tomato, dip it in sugar (exfoliator), hold the stem, and scrub in a circular motion. It works wonders for me. My family thinks I'm crazy using a common tomato to clean my face, but Mom  admitted that my face looked clearer. Hehe.  

You can see a video on it by Michelle Phan here. She gives you all the scientific details, shows you how to do it, and so on. Don't use it if you are allergic to tomatos, although I have no idea who is allergic to tomatos. I've never met anyone who is. So ladies & maybe gents give it a try. It just might shock you! Well, not shock. Perhaps suprise you. tomatos are full of suprises. Right? Right? C'mon, just say right. Yeah, well I know you really aren't saying right. May Allah bless & guide us all. - Nisa

My favorite surahs from the Holy Qu'ran:

1. Al-Araf recited by Ziyad Patel (BEAUTIFUL!)
2. Al-Muzammil recited by Ziyad Patel
3. Al-Qadr recited by Mishary Al-afasy
4. Ayatul Kursi recited by Al-Ghamdi
5. At-Takathur recited by Mishary Al-afasy

My favorite Qari's are mainly Ziyad Patel & Mishary Al-afasy. It's weird,I won't listen to anyone else recite the Qu'ran other than them. Ziyad Patel has a beautiful voice, and so does Mishary Al-afasy. :) Alhamdulilah. I love listening to the Qu'ran. There is nothing more beautiful than it. Even the most beautiful voices of the artist who make music can never compare to it. The words of Allah, think about it. The very direct words from Allah. It's just amazing. Allahu akbar. Masha' Allah, I can't get enough of reading & listening to it. Insha allah I will become a hafiza. So far, I have to finish up the last Juz. It shouldn't take me very long. :) I can't wait untill I remember the entire Qu'ran. Alhamdulilah. May Allah bless & Guide us All. -Nisa 

Oh Allah please reward and protect the innocent children of Gaza.
Brothers and Sisters, please make du'a for the children of Gaza, those killed, and those still living in fear. War is not worth an innocent childs/civililans life. May Allah give those killed the highest form of Jennah.  Weep a little weep for them. May Allah bless & Guide us all. ~ Nisa


I mean seriously, who doesn't love strawberries? I know I do, and they are one of my favorite fruits. There is nothing like biting into a really cold strawberry on a summer day. I know, shoot me. It's slightly stereotypical, but thats how I feel about strawberries. They are delicious! Not only are they good, but they are an excellent source of vitamin C! NO, I am not talking about that fattening, sugar loaded Strawberry Icecream in your local grocery store freezer. Don't even think about it. The more sugar you add, the less benefit. 

Anyways, I created an outfit on polyvore themed with strawberries awhile ago. Hijabi style, of course! 
I smell like Strawberries!
I really love those slips and that cute little sweater. I believe I have pants similar to those in my closet. Should be easy to find since I keep all of my pants neatly on hangers. My closet is a neat freaks dream. Haha. :) YES, I know about not wearing nail polish. I put it there for fun, but it can be utilized during that time of the month. I personally wouldn't wear the red hijab, I would probably opt for a white. Sisters, this outfit is so easy to do so try it! Find options if you can't find the exact item! If you like it, click on the picture and fave it! May Allah bless & guide us all! ~ Nisa
When you enter a seemingly innocent looking masjid, you suddenly see huddled in seperate groups; Eygptians with the Eygyptians, Morrocans with the Morrocans, African Americans with the African Americans, and Caucasians with the Caucasians. What the heck is wrong with this picture?

In Islam there is supposed to be no such thing as "race". We're all brothers and sisters no matter what color/culture...right? Sadly, this isn't reality, and this isn't the case at my masjid. I go to my masjid every week for my Qu'ran/Arabic classes. I also go to the many events they have, including the Family Day event. When my family first went to the Family Day gathering, it was so cliquish that me, my mom, and sister were literally sitting in a corner by ourselves. Untill I saw a group of four teenaged girls sitting across the room and I went to go talk to them, we were basically not warmly welcomed. It took all my courage because I am very shy to go over and talk to them. Alhamdulilah they were around my age and welcomed me. This was about three or four months ago, and one of those girls is my best friend...and so is her biological sister! The other two girls took a little longer to get used to us because they are so shy. We got to really know them when they went over my best friends house to eat dinner. Pretty cool huh?

At my masjid, newcomers in the Sisters rooms are generally ignored unless they jump up to introduce themselves. Cliches are also formed, but they aren't that bad. Muslims should be open to everyone. This isn't a Highschool, it's a Masjid! We don't group ourselves! We should welcome everyone no matter what their cultures/skin color may be. No matter what language they may speak! Seriously, how do you learn about other people if you stay in your own little bubble? Islam is supposed to destroy classification. We can't classify ourselves, we are all HUMAN. Didn't the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) say in his last sermon that no black is better than a white, and no white is better than a black? Islam doesn't tolerate groupies, let alone racism! We are brother and sisters, not aliens. We can identify to something a non-muslim can't. 

Besides not having cliches, we are supposed to greet those we know, and those we don't know. It's the Sunnah. Now when I go to my masjid and I see people sitting all alone while watching my friends and I laugh like a couple of lunatics, I get up and invite them over. Not only that, but I have encouraged my friends and younger sister to do this. Alhamdulilah. May Allah bless & guide us all. ~ Nisa 
I'm sure as Muslim's we all come across those ignorant, bigoted people on the Internet and in real life. Those that just choose to ignore the truth, the ones that choose to corrupt the truth, and those that are completely ignorant and do the monkey see monkey do thing.  Before I begin my rant on how many of these people I have come across just let me advise everyone on one thing; don't let them ANGER you into leaving a sensible debate, or responding with profanity. These are the exact reactions they are hoping for! Never leave an argument in anger!

Every time I walk through a mall, grocery store, or street there will be at least one person glaring in my direction.  Now, where I live people don't really pay attention to women in hijabs. You get those curious glances, courtesy, and respect. However, one place has to have a sour apple. Yes, I mean the people who glare at you when they think you aren't looking. "Cowards." I think, visibly shake my head, and ignore it. Then you get those people who glare at you when they are sure you are looking! Those people I just look away and ignore completely. If they are bold enough to do that, then I am sure they are bold enough to do something even more serious. I say they need to have a little talk about respect! Alhamdulilah, it has never escalated beyond this point. I hear about Muslim women being approached and yelled at.

Online it is a much different story, which is why I prefer to keep my religious beliefs to myself. A typical conversation:

Person: Hi.

Me: Hello.

Person:  How are you?

Me: Fine, and you?

Person: Good, thanks. 

Then it goes beyond this, and then the question comes up.

Person: So do you believe in God?

Me: Yeah! 

Person: Ok cool, I do too. I'm Christian.

Me: Cool. I'm Muslim.

Person: What?

Me: I'm Muslim!

Person: :O OMG

Me: What?

Person: Nothing, gotta go. BYEZ!!!

Then I'm left feeling like, what the heck just happened? Turns out, the person is really still online, and rejected me because of my faith. I remember those times when I was younger and I played Runescape. There were a bunch of ignorant pre-pubescent kids making really stupid comments about different religions. When I saw ISLAM pop up in that little chat bubble,I felt my under arms go hot. I confronted them, refuted their foamy-hatred-beyond-imaginable claims about Islam. All the while, I was wondering where they were getting all of this stuff? From their parents? Fox News? 

Now, I usually just talk to my Muslim friends from my Masjid. It's better for me, and for my faith. I don't particularly want to associate with a bunch of twisted minded freaks anyway. Ignorance truly is bliss, and it is contagious. Brothers & Sisters, when you SEE someone ranting about Islam gently try to correct them! Don't stand by and let them abuse your religion! When you see something wrong stop it first with your tongue, your hands, and lastly; your heart!  If you have given them the truth, and they continue to deny it; calmly walk away. Allah has obviously blinded them, and cast a shield over their hearts. May Allah bless & guide us all! ~ Nisa


Asalaam wa alaykum everyone! Jeans and a long shirt seem to be one of the best mixes for me. I love my jeans because they are just so comfortable. So on Polyvore, I made a really cute outfit with beautiful colors. 

Color Pop
I just love how the orange hijab contrasts with all the colors! An added bonus is the Christian Dior blue sunglasses. Ahh!! Gimmie!! No seriously, give me. Wait, where are you going? Huh? Wait, come back! I was just kidding!!! Okay, before you go I just have to say this: If you like the style fave it! May Allah guide & bless us all. - Nisa

* Bismiallah *

Asalam wa alaykum! Doesn't Barbie look just beautifuil in Hijab? I wish that as a Muslim living in America I could find real, actual hijab clothing for Barbie dolls. Now, don't get the impression that I still play with Barbie dolls, cause I don't. My sister and I stopped playing with them a long time ago. However,I think real barbie hijabi clothes would make such a nice gift for the girls in my community. The way they dress Barbie these days is so icky. It may be for the "lastest" fashion, but it is so not appealing. It is just a horrible source of inspiration for young girls. I remember when I played with Barbie dolls, I always tried to choose the most modest clothing (there were hardly any), because I felt that my Barbie doll "Mommies" shouldn't dress in high skirts, tube tops, and go-go boots. It just didn't look right.
 Even when I did go to buy the seperate clothing packs, they would never be "good" enough. So, I resorted to making long skirts out of pieces of fabric that I had originally bought to sew a shawl with on my sewing machine.  The doll that I loved the most though was Midge from the Happy Family line (now off the shelves). They DRESSED her pretty decently. Midge is now stashed in the basement with her husband, mother, and two kids. Lol.  I just wish they would start dressing the dolls like they have some sense, and stop influncing little kids that dressing like you-know-what's is "in", because it's just nasty.

Awhile ago, I found this video on Youtube as I was researching Hijab. I love it! The woman is having a conversation with herself about Hijab. It's a really nice video, and I think that every Muslimah should see it. Go here on Youtube to see it. I can't figure out how to add the video directly to the page, but Insha allah I will figure it out sooner or later. May Allah reward & guide us all. ~ Nisa 
* Bismiallah *
Asalam wa alaykum! I am always keeping my eyes peeled for diffrent hijab styles on the internet. Some styles I use over and over again and they get boring. So I set out to find a different one that I can wear. My trade mark style of hijab is the one where I take rectangular
 hijabs and wrap them around my head and neck. I would say it looks something similar to this:

Sorry, I'm too lazy to find a different picture, so bear with me. Lol. I wear something something that looks a bit like that, just not the colors. I don't do dark colors. I love earth tones, blues, and of course; pink. Though I hardly
 have any hijabs that are pink. So I have to stick with loving my blue colors. Those are the only colors that I believe look really nice on me. Blues, pinks, and earth tones. I will never wear red. It looks terrible on me, plus red is an eye-catching color. On some people it looks really nice, but it's just not my style. Softer reds look nice on me, such as burgundy. I have this really pretty burgundy colored-flower scarf that my Mother got for me for Eid two years ago. However, it's not out there, you get what I'm saying? 

I found this style that looks really cute (plus it's pink!). It's in a different language (I am no good with languages), but if you can follow the pictures I am sure it will be OK. I don't really like what looks like a ball on the side of her head, but it can easily be adjusted.  Go here, because it's too big to post on my blog. It messes up my layout. May Allah reward & guide us all! ~ Nisa
~ Bismiallah ~

Asalam wa alykum! Polyvore is a website where you can create different outfits using images of clothing from all over the internet. You can mix, and match items. So, after seeing it on a blog called Hegab-rehab.blogspot.com, I decided to register and give it a try. I made a few hijabi outfits that I thought would be cute, and some other outfits that would be really awesome to wear around the house. Of course, being "me" I had to create a pink themed hijab style. 
Pink Hijabi Teen

Of course to cover your bum, you would have to wear one of those long tank tops underneath. It could be a light pink, or dark pink. I especially love those sunglasses, and that Hello Kitty Tote bag. -sigh- This style would be create for those gatherings with your friends at the mall on a chilly spring day. Just before you go, download that surah from the Qu'ran that you are trying to remember; and you are all set! ;) If you like the set, just click on the image. Oh, and don't forget to join Polyvore & favorite it! May Allah bless & guide us all! ~ Nisa
* Bismiallah rahman araheem *

Asalam wa alaykum! Wacky Hijabi here! The first post to a blog is always hard and as I own many blogs I know what it's like. The blogs that I own have little or nothing to do with Islam, so they aren't important. I will be known on this blog as Nisa (women), though it isn't my real name. You'll find me referring to alot of "people" by the fake names I give them. I am a young Muslim lady. Not a full grown woman yet. So, yeah. I am in love with the color pink (duuh, can't you tell?), and I wear the hijab (double duh)! I enjoy reading the blogs of other Muslim women, so I decided to start my own. I mean, if they can do it; why can't I?

My main purpose for creating this blog is to provide fashion tips, myth busters, and overall entertainment to the Muslim women (young & old) out there!  Insha allah my blog will be loved by many, hated by little. May Allah guide and bless us all! ~ Nisa