* Bismiallah rahman araheem *

Asalam wa alaykum! Wacky Hijabi here! The first post to a blog is always hard and as I own many blogs I know what it's like. The blogs that I own have little or nothing to do with Islam, so they aren't important. I will be known on this blog as Nisa (women), though it isn't my real name. You'll find me referring to alot of "people" by the fake names I give them. I am a young Muslim lady. Not a full grown woman yet. So, yeah. I am in love with the color pink (duuh, can't you tell?), and I wear the hijab (double duh)! I enjoy reading the blogs of other Muslim women, so I decided to start my own. I mean, if they can do it; why can't I?

My main purpose for creating this blog is to provide fashion tips, myth busters, and overall entertainment to the Muslim women (young & old) out there!  Insha allah my blog will be loved by many, hated by little. May Allah guide and bless us all! ~ Nisa


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