My favorite surahs from the Holy Qu'ran:

1. Al-Araf recited by Ziyad Patel (BEAUTIFUL!)
2. Al-Muzammil recited by Ziyad Patel
3. Al-Qadr recited by Mishary Al-afasy
4. Ayatul Kursi recited by Al-Ghamdi
5. At-Takathur recited by Mishary Al-afasy

My favorite Qari's are mainly Ziyad Patel & Mishary Al-afasy. It's weird,I won't listen to anyone else recite the Qu'ran other than them. Ziyad Patel has a beautiful voice, and so does Mishary Al-afasy. :) Alhamdulilah. I love listening to the Qu'ran. There is nothing more beautiful than it. Even the most beautiful voices of the artist who make music can never compare to it. The words of Allah, think about it. The very direct words from Allah. It's just amazing. Allahu akbar. Masha' Allah, I can't get enough of reading & listening to it. Insha allah I will become a hafiza. So far, I have to finish up the last Juz. It shouldn't take me very long. :) I can't wait untill I remember the entire Qu'ran. Alhamdulilah. May Allah bless & Guide us All. -Nisa 


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