I'm sure as Muslim's we all come across those ignorant, bigoted people on the Internet and in real life. Those that just choose to ignore the truth, the ones that choose to corrupt the truth, and those that are completely ignorant and do the monkey see monkey do thing.  Before I begin my rant on how many of these people I have come across just let me advise everyone on one thing; don't let them ANGER you into leaving a sensible debate, or responding with profanity. These are the exact reactions they are hoping for! Never leave an argument in anger!

Every time I walk through a mall, grocery store, or street there will be at least one person glaring in my direction.  Now, where I live people don't really pay attention to women in hijabs. You get those curious glances, courtesy, and respect. However, one place has to have a sour apple. Yes, I mean the people who glare at you when they think you aren't looking. "Cowards." I think, visibly shake my head, and ignore it. Then you get those people who glare at you when they are sure you are looking! Those people I just look away and ignore completely. If they are bold enough to do that, then I am sure they are bold enough to do something even more serious. I say they need to have a little talk about respect! Alhamdulilah, it has never escalated beyond this point. I hear about Muslim women being approached and yelled at.

Online it is a much different story, which is why I prefer to keep my religious beliefs to myself. A typical conversation:

Person: Hi.

Me: Hello.

Person:  How are you?

Me: Fine, and you?

Person: Good, thanks. 

Then it goes beyond this, and then the question comes up.

Person: So do you believe in God?

Me: Yeah! 

Person: Ok cool, I do too. I'm Christian.

Me: Cool. I'm Muslim.

Person: What?

Me: I'm Muslim!

Person: :O OMG

Me: What?

Person: Nothing, gotta go. BYEZ!!!

Then I'm left feeling like, what the heck just happened? Turns out, the person is really still online, and rejected me because of my faith. I remember those times when I was younger and I played Runescape. There were a bunch of ignorant pre-pubescent kids making really stupid comments about different religions. When I saw ISLAM pop up in that little chat bubble,I felt my under arms go hot. I confronted them, refuted their foamy-hatred-beyond-imaginable claims about Islam. All the while, I was wondering where they were getting all of this stuff? From their parents? Fox News? 

Now, I usually just talk to my Muslim friends from my Masjid. It's better for me, and for my faith. I don't particularly want to associate with a bunch of twisted minded freaks anyway. Ignorance truly is bliss, and it is contagious. Brothers & Sisters, when you SEE someone ranting about Islam gently try to correct them! Don't stand by and let them abuse your religion! When you see something wrong stop it first with your tongue, your hands, and lastly; your heart!  If you have given them the truth, and they continue to deny it; calmly walk away. Allah has obviously blinded them, and cast a shield over their hearts. May Allah bless & guide us all! ~ Nisa


Aalia said...

Asalaamu `alaikum wa rahmatullah!!

Totally agree wit uu!! AHHHHHH the world is full of ignorant ppl :/

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