I mean seriously, who doesn't love strawberries? I know I do, and they are one of my favorite fruits. There is nothing like biting into a really cold strawberry on a summer day. I know, shoot me. It's slightly stereotypical, but thats how I feel about strawberries. They are delicious! Not only are they good, but they are an excellent source of vitamin C! NO, I am not talking about that fattening, sugar loaded Strawberry Icecream in your local grocery store freezer. Don't even think about it. The more sugar you add, the less benefit. 

Anyways, I created an outfit on polyvore themed with strawberries awhile ago. Hijabi style, of course! 
I smell like Strawberries!
I really love those slips and that cute little sweater. I believe I have pants similar to those in my closet. Should be easy to find since I keep all of my pants neatly on hangers. My closet is a neat freaks dream. Haha. :) YES, I know about not wearing nail polish. I put it there for fun, but it can be utilized during that time of the month. I personally wouldn't wear the red hijab, I would probably opt for a white. Sisters, this outfit is so easy to do so try it! Find options if you can't find the exact item! If you like it, click on the picture and fave it! May Allah bless & guide us all! ~ Nisa


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