Look at that big, juicy tomato. I have been using an all natrual cleanser, the tomato kind! Now when my Mom is making a salad all I do is sneak up and steal the top of the tomato. :D You know us Muslim sisters have to keep ourselves pampered, so why not do it the natrual way?

I've always had problems with acne, blemishes, and slight discoloration in the face. I use the top of a tomato, dip it in sugar (exfoliator), hold the stem, and scrub in a circular motion. It works wonders for me. My family thinks I'm crazy using a common tomato to clean my face, but Mom  admitted that my face looked clearer. Hehe.  

You can see a video on it by Michelle Phan here. She gives you all the scientific details, shows you how to do it, and so on. Don't use it if you are allergic to tomatos, although I have no idea who is allergic to tomatos. I've never met anyone who is. So ladies & maybe gents give it a try. It just might shock you! Well, not shock. Perhaps suprise you. tomatos are full of suprises. Right? Right? C'mon, just say right. Yeah, well I know you really aren't saying right. May Allah bless & guide us all. - Nisa


Stephanie said...

OK i'm definitely going to try that. My face is breaking out horribly and I think I might even have a tomato or two in the fridge!

Sunni Hijabi said...

Aslaam wa alaykum,

Yeah, do it every night for about three nights before you go to bed. You'll know that it works for you if you start seeing your acne go away. Insha allah this will work wonders for you. :D


Stephanie said...

salams--okay I finally tried it and it does actually work, In fact it works really well. It reminds me of tea tree oil because of the glow it gives my face, but tea tree oil dry's my face out horribly and this only seemed to dry out my zits. Thanks sister, I'm going to have to eat more tomato salads and my face will be looking good.

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