~ Bismiallah ~

Asalam wa alykum! Polyvore is a website where you can create different outfits using images of clothing from all over the internet. You can mix, and match items. So, after seeing it on a blog called Hegab-rehab.blogspot.com, I decided to register and give it a try. I made a few hijabi outfits that I thought would be cute, and some other outfits that would be really awesome to wear around the house. Of course, being "me" I had to create a pink themed hijab style. 
Pink Hijabi Teen

Of course to cover your bum, you would have to wear one of those long tank tops underneath. It could be a light pink, or dark pink. I especially love those sunglasses, and that Hello Kitty Tote bag. -sigh- This style would be create for those gatherings with your friends at the mall on a chilly spring day. Just before you go, download that surah from the Qu'ran that you are trying to remember; and you are all set! ;) If you like the set, just click on the image. Oh, and don't forget to join Polyvore & favorite it! May Allah bless & guide us all! ~ Nisa


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