I have put together a polyvore set for the things that you should have in your purse! I have the problem of filling up my purse with the basic needs, so this is a basic guideline for me. I hate having to carry around a half empty purse, but I don't want it to be too junky either.
Things a girl MUST have in her purse:

1. Pocket Mirror

2. Extra tampon or pad

3. Three million different kinds of lip gloss

4. Chewing gum

5. Matching Eye Glass case

6. Sunglasses that match with almost anything

7. Hand cleanser

8. A book/ Noble Qu'ran

9. A pad and pen

10. Hand lotion

11. Clear nail polish

12. Eye liner and Kohl

13. Wallet that does NOT match.

14. Cell phone

15. MP3 Player
Today I really am feeling hungry, but I can handle it. I'm keeping my mind off the idea that hunger pain sharks are ripping at my stomach. OK, so it's not that bad. It's just uncomfortable. I believe I am keeping control of my temper. Haven't had an argument with my siblings yet. If they do something to irk my nerve, I just keep it low-key. Doing a great job over here, alhamdulilah! :D

Last night we did attend taraweeh prayer. I wore my blue abaya with a blue hijab and white under cap. My friends were all there. The sheik let his son and brother lead a few of the prayers this time, so we had three different types of recitations last night. Alhamdulilah, it was really nice. There were more men there than usual, but not many more women. That's usually the case at our masjid. My friends were talking of an organized sleep-over at the masjid. The young sisters in one room, and the brothers in another big room. To be quite honest, I don't think I would feel comfortable. For one, if we have to sleep in hijab that is no fun. If we don't, what if someone comes in? Two, I don't like waking up looking at a whole bunch of people who have just woken up. Three, what if someone steps on me while trying to get to the bathroom? No thank you, sleeping over at the masjid seems like a terrible idea. Maybe a huge late night get-together, but not a sleep over.
This morning for suhoor we had cheerios, apple sauce, and water. My Mom wasn't feeling well so we were expecting her to cook. I can cook, but I don't like to cook. Rather not risk burning our suhoor, so we just ate cereal. It was really yummy anyhow. I am still trying to memorize surah al-fajr. Tonight insha allah I will do Qu'ran. I don't know if we will be attending taraweeh at the masjid tonight. We'll see what my Dad says.

I have been thinking about giving charity. On my own. As an individual. What could I give as charity? I don't have much money, but I can knit. So I think I will find an organization to knit preemie baby hats for. That would be such a nice thing to do. I love babies. So insha allah I will try to do my best. What about you? May allah bless and reward us all! -Nisa
This is the fourth day of Ramadan. I missed yesterdays post. You know how Mondays are, hectic. So, on Monday we had Oatmeal mixed with unsweetened apple sauce. It was soooo good, and so filling. It kept me full all through the day. I wasn't even really hungry until 7 PM came around, and the hunger pains started their attack. Alhamdulilah, that was a wholesome suhoor. Then we had Spanish rice and chicken for Iftar. We did not pray taraweeh at the masjid, my brother led it at home instead. Yesterday went by so quickly, I forgot that I was fasting. I practiced the surah Al-fajr yesterday for my daily dose of qu'ran. Beautiful surah with a beautiful meaning.

Today for suhoor we had cereal. I had Apple jacks and a banana. Yummy! I do not know what we will have for iftar tonight. I do think we are going to attend Taraweeh at the masjid tonight, so insha allah we will go. I will probably wear my blue abaya to the prayers if we do go. It is a little heavy, but I can handle it. It's not all that hot today either. It's actually very cool. Allah is ever merciful! I'm going to read surah al-fajr again today, insha allah. I have no idea what I will be buying for my friends for Eid. I will probably go to two festivals to do henna to make money. Then I can buy an Eid outfit, and gifts for my family & friends. May Allah bless and reward us all! - Nisa
This morning for suhoor my family had Oatmeal and peaches. It was delicious! I'm feeling a little hungry now though, but I think it's because we went out to visit Grandparents today and my aunt was cooking. So now I feel a little weak and hungry, but I only have three hours left! We read a few more pages of Surah al-baqarah after Fajr in both English and Arabic. My reading is getting better, alhamdulilah. Little bro still needs some help, but he reads very well.

I think my family is doing an amazing job of keeping good temper. No one seems irritated at all, and I know that I'm doing my best to avoid argument. That's probably one of my worst traits, quick tempered. Last night we attended Taraweeh prayer again at the masjid and we had Iftar there. I ate Moroccan cous cous, fried chicken, russian salad, Spanish rice, spiced chicken, and mixed rice. Oh, and a piece of chocolate frosted cake. When we came home I had some ice cream, a chocolate donut, and some pistachio nuts. Believe it or not, I did NOT eat as much as it seems. It all tasted /really/ good though. I mean, really.

So insha allah we will probably attend taraweeh prayer again. My Dad is making chicken enchiladas tonight for iftar. I truly do love Ramadan. May allah bless and reward us all - Nisa
If you attend taraweeh after Isha at the masjid on iftar nights, you want something nice, but not too formal to wear. I usually wear a nice skirt or slacks with a long, long blouse. The outfit I created below is a beautiful green, perfect for summer and beginning of fall wear. Please sisters, do not forget to bring socks with you to the masjid. Your feet must be covered so that you can make prayer.
Summer Grass Green
I am so in love with that brooch and hijab! I am still trying to find the perfect green hijab because it goes really nice with the color of my skin. The only green hijab I have is a really dark green, but it's way too thick. I like hijabs that are thin, and easy to wrap. Oh, from the conference that we went to so that we could give out speech I bought two hijabs. One is a pale pink, and the other is a hot pink and black color. Both were really cheap, and they're really nice! In fact, I'm wearing the hot pink & black one to iftar at the masjid tonight insha allah. :) May allah bless and reward us all! -Nisa
Alhamdulilah, Ramadan is finally here! Last night I attended Taraweeh prayer at the masjid last night. It was really nice, but my feet started hurting half way through the prayer. Insha allah tonight we will attend it again, and we will have Iftar at the masjid. This morning for suhoor my family had pancakes, eggs, milk, and fruit. Yummy! It was a filling breakfast, and I'm not really hungry. After Fajr we sat down and read surah al-fatihah, and a few lines of surah al-baqarah.

It's not really hot outside today. I was a bit nervous about it being hot and fasting. I fast on Monday and Thursdays, so I should be used to it. Alhamdulilah, the weather is really nice today. Insha allah ladies I will try to blog everyday of Ramadan so that I can keep you updated. I seriously can't believe Ramadan came around so quickly this year! May all of you have a blessed Ramadan! - Nisa
Tomorrow is the big day of our (my friends and I) big speech at a bigger masjid. I believe I told you ladies before that we will not be going to the really big masjid where we were supposed to go, but a doctor will be speaking so the people who asked us to speak switched it to a masjid smaller than the original, but bigger than ours. Alhamdulilah, we will have the honor of speaking either way. We will be speaking about the Wives of the Prophet instead of hijab. Everyone else speaking at the conference will be lecturing on Ramadan. Insha allah, I really hope everything goes well. I'm nervous, but super excited. We also have to cook something to bring, and we have no idea what to cook! Oh nooooo! Insha allah, I will probably wear my blue abaya to the conference because blue looks really nice on me. :D I love blue and pink clothing!

Have any of you begun preparing for Ramadan in any sort of way? The most that my family has been doing is preparing breakfast/dinner menu's for the four weeks of Ramadan, switching around schedules, deciding what to do for Eid gifts, and fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. We will probably be going to Iftar nights on Saturdays and Sundays at our local masjid. Everyone will have to cook something and bring it. Or, we can send something to the masjid for those that will be there. Either way, I'll be spending time with my friends and family during the holiest time of the year! Alhamdulilah! My family and I will also take turns reading the Qu'ran in the morning while we are cooking breakfast so that insha allah we will finish the entire Qu'ran before Eid day. I am knitting a scarf as a gift to give to someone, and I have plenty of other things on my list that I need to start knitting! I also need to find an Eid outfit, and I have no idea what it will be. So, how does your family prepare for Ramadan? Insha allah I will try to blog everyday of Ramadan, because I love documenting these things. It will be something to go back and read during next years Ramadan. Let the count down to Ramadan begin, I am fully prepared to bring myself closer to Allah, to finish the Qu'ran, and to spend time with family and friends! May Allah bless and reward us all! ~Nisa
Around the house style: Private slumber party
If I could walk around my house freely, I would definitely wear this style. A short pajama-like shirt with a pair of flip flops. It is so comfortable! I personally love flip-flops especially because they are like slippers without covering the whole foot. I hate wearing socks or traditional fluffy slippers in the house. My feet need to be free, but protected. So flip-flops are the best alternative for me. As for spaghetti strapped dresses, they are so comfy to sleep in, and hang around in the house in...especially in the summer time. May Allah bless and reward us all! ~ Nisa
Ladies, today I have an new all natural face cleanser that will blow you away. You may use this on a daily basis if you have a few tinkling kitties around. Yes, kitty litter. I am not talking about the kind that has deodorizer in it or the clumping kind. All natural clay kitty litter. It MUST say 100% all natural ground clay. Alot of the times, these all-clay kitty litters are the "cheap" brands of litters, which is fine for a economically thinking hijabi! A big bag will usually last months, because only a small amount of litter is required when using it as a mask. The mask is a great acne treatment, and I have read that it gets rid of acne within a few weeks of usage. The litter is basically the same ingredients used in the expensive spa facial treatments...only it's cheaper.

You will need:
1. A bag of ground 100% clay kitty litter. NOT litter that has deodorizer or clumping ingredients. It MUST say clay only! DO NOT USE KITTY LITTER THAT HAS BEEN PEED OR POOPED ON BY A CAT!
2. A bowl and spoon
3. Water
4. All natural moisturizer

Take a tablespoon of kitty litter and place it into the bowl. Add a tablespoon of water and mix it with the kitty litter. Once the water looks brown and cloudy apply only the watery part of the mix. Do not put on the paste it makes because it is way too rough on the skin. Leave the mask on until it dries or for 15 minutes. Wash all of the clay from your face in a circular motion. Pat dry your skin, and apply your favorite all-natural moisturizer. May Allah bless and guide us all! ~ Nisa

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