Alhamdulilah, Ramadan is finally here! Last night I attended Taraweeh prayer at the masjid last night. It was really nice, but my feet started hurting half way through the prayer. Insha allah tonight we will attend it again, and we will have Iftar at the masjid. This morning for suhoor my family had pancakes, eggs, milk, and fruit. Yummy! It was a filling breakfast, and I'm not really hungry. After Fajr we sat down and read surah al-fatihah, and a few lines of surah al-baqarah.

It's not really hot outside today. I was a bit nervous about it being hot and fasting. I fast on Monday and Thursdays, so I should be used to it. Alhamdulilah, the weather is really nice today. Insha allah ladies I will try to blog everyday of Ramadan so that I can keep you updated. I seriously can't believe Ramadan came around so quickly this year! May all of you have a blessed Ramadan! - Nisa


gettinghijabi said...

i cant believe ramdan came either. Ramadan Mubarak to you too!

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