Ladies, today I have an new all natural face cleanser that will blow you away. You may use this on a daily basis if you have a few tinkling kitties around. Yes, kitty litter. I am not talking about the kind that has deodorizer in it or the clumping kind. All natural clay kitty litter. It MUST say 100% all natural ground clay. Alot of the times, these all-clay kitty litters are the "cheap" brands of litters, which is fine for a economically thinking hijabi! A big bag will usually last months, because only a small amount of litter is required when using it as a mask. The mask is a great acne treatment, and I have read that it gets rid of acne within a few weeks of usage. The litter is basically the same ingredients used in the expensive spa facial treatments...only it's cheaper.

You will need:
1. A bag of ground 100% clay kitty litter. NOT litter that has deodorizer or clumping ingredients. It MUST say clay only! DO NOT USE KITTY LITTER THAT HAS BEEN PEED OR POOPED ON BY A CAT!
2. A bowl and spoon
3. Water
4. All natural moisturizer

Take a tablespoon of kitty litter and place it into the bowl. Add a tablespoon of water and mix it with the kitty litter. Once the water looks brown and cloudy apply only the watery part of the mix. Do not put on the paste it makes because it is way too rough on the skin. Leave the mask on until it dries or for 15 minutes. Wash all of the clay from your face in a circular motion. Pat dry your skin, and apply your favorite all-natural moisturizer. May Allah bless and guide us all! ~ Nisa

4. Michelle Phan -

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