* Bismiallah *

Asalam wa alaykum! Doesn't Barbie look just beautifuil in Hijab? I wish that as a Muslim living in America I could find real, actual hijab clothing for Barbie dolls. Now, don't get the impression that I still play with Barbie dolls, cause I don't. My sister and I stopped playing with them a long time ago. However,I think real barbie hijabi clothes would make such a nice gift for the girls in my community. The way they dress Barbie these days is so icky. It may be for the "lastest" fashion, but it is so not appealing. It is just a horrible source of inspiration for young girls. I remember when I played with Barbie dolls, I always tried to choose the most modest clothing (there were hardly any), because I felt that my Barbie doll "Mommies" shouldn't dress in high skirts, tube tops, and go-go boots. It just didn't look right.
 Even when I did go to buy the seperate clothing packs, they would never be "good" enough. So, I resorted to making long skirts out of pieces of fabric that I had originally bought to sew a shawl with on my sewing machine.  The doll that I loved the most though was Midge from the Happy Family line (now off the shelves). They DRESSED her pretty decently. Midge is now stashed in the basement with her husband, mother, and two kids. Lol.  I just wish they would start dressing the dolls like they have some sense, and stop influncing little kids that dressing like you-know-what's is "in", because it's just nasty.

Awhile ago, I found this video on Youtube as I was researching Hijab. I love it! The woman is having a conversation with herself about Hijab. It's a really nice video, and I think that every Muslimah should see it. Go here on Youtube to see it. I can't figure out how to add the video directly to the page, but Insha allah I will figure it out sooner or later. May Allah reward & guide us all. ~ Nisa 


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