Blueberry muffins are a delicious treat for suhoor, so if you sisters can get up early enough make your families or yourself some muffins. My Mom made them for my family this morning complete with oatmeal. Very filling, and I'm not even hungry yet. Ramadan went very quickly! We only have 11/12 days left depending on the sighting of the moon, alhamdulilah! I got this really pretty Cinderella-copy baby blue dress. It's so pretty, but now I need a nice cardigan, hijab, socks, jewelry, and a hijab. Insha allah on Saturday I will be doing henna to make money for those things, and a few gifts.

Speaking of gifts, I knit my friend A a pair of fingerless gloves. I can't find the name of the pattern I used to give you an idea of what they look like, but they are so pretty. I really want to keep them for myself. Lol. They are a soft lime green with a lime green bow. Then I made my mother a cowl, scarf, shawl thing. It's the Irish Hiking Scarf but I knit it on big needles so that it could be 3-in-1. Next I'm knitting my little sister a Zig Zag Trellis Scarf. Insha allah I will have that finished before Eid if I work hard enough. I still have to knit a few pairs of slippers, some more fingerless gloves, and maybe another scarf if I have time. If not, I'll just buy the rest of the gifts that I have to give.

We have been going to Iftar night at the masjid every Saturday and Sunday. There is so much good food there, the sisters in my community really know how to cook! I have so much fun when I go. My friends are always there, and we have a table reserved for us that we sit at every Iftar Night. Alhamdulilah, I have amazing friends. This Ramadan is going way too quickly. I'm getting used to breaking my fast and fasting so much that it doesn't really feel like anything anymore. These days of Ramadan are like clock work. A typical day for me, get up for suhoor, make fajr, read quran, go do school work, make zuhr, take hour nap, clean house, prepare iftar, more qu'ran/arabic, exercise, Isha/Taraweeh, bed time. Then it starts all over again.

The Qu'ran reading is going great. I'm still memorizing surah al-Fajr. It's a beautiful surah, but it's taking me awhile to memorize it. My younger brother has memorized more of it than I have, but we all work at different paces. Speaking of learning, school started yesterday so I'm doubly busy.

This Ramadan has been amazing for me so far! I love Ramadan, I love being Muslim! Alhamdulilah! May Allah bless and guide us all! -Nisa


Skye said...

Salaamz sis how are you??I loveee blue berry muffins soo going to miss ramadan so much it just flew by...take care sis wsalaamz

Veiled Knight said...

Mmmmm...I'm fasting--so that just increases my love for the muffins you're talking about!!


hijabichica said...

wowee muffins n oatmeal only, i need to eat like a plate of rice,chicken,veggies, fruit,etc. to keep me full
its kinda in my families tradition to eat tht much so im used to it!

gettinghijabi said...

sigh. me want muffins now. EID IS SOOOOOO SOON!!! Hope you are well and ramdan is going good for you

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