This morning for suhoor my family had Oatmeal and peaches. It was delicious! I'm feeling a little hungry now though, but I think it's because we went out to visit Grandparents today and my aunt was cooking. So now I feel a little weak and hungry, but I only have three hours left! We read a few more pages of Surah al-baqarah after Fajr in both English and Arabic. My reading is getting better, alhamdulilah. Little bro still needs some help, but he reads very well.

I think my family is doing an amazing job of keeping good temper. No one seems irritated at all, and I know that I'm doing my best to avoid argument. That's probably one of my worst traits, quick tempered. Last night we attended Taraweeh prayer again at the masjid and we had Iftar there. I ate Moroccan cous cous, fried chicken, russian salad, Spanish rice, spiced chicken, and mixed rice. Oh, and a piece of chocolate frosted cake. When we came home I had some ice cream, a chocolate donut, and some pistachio nuts. Believe it or not, I did NOT eat as much as it seems. It all tasted /really/ good though. I mean, really.

So insha allah we will probably attend taraweeh prayer again. My Dad is making chicken enchiladas tonight for iftar. I truly do love Ramadan. May allah bless and reward us all - Nisa


Skye said...

Ramadan Kareem sis
sounds like you had a lovely iftar..Insha'allah you and your famililes prayers and fasts are accepeted..take care salaamz =D

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