If you attend taraweeh after Isha at the masjid on iftar nights, you want something nice, but not too formal to wear. I usually wear a nice skirt or slacks with a long, long blouse. The outfit I created below is a beautiful green, perfect for summer and beginning of fall wear. Please sisters, do not forget to bring socks with you to the masjid. Your feet must be covered so that you can make prayer.
Summer Grass Green
I am so in love with that brooch and hijab! I am still trying to find the perfect green hijab because it goes really nice with the color of my skin. The only green hijab I have is a really dark green, but it's way too thick. I like hijabs that are thin, and easy to wrap. Oh, from the conference that we went to so that we could give out speech I bought two hijabs. One is a pale pink, and the other is a hot pink and black color. Both were really cheap, and they're really nice! In fact, I'm wearing the hot pink & black one to iftar at the masjid tonight insha allah. :) May allah bless and reward us all! -Nisa


gettinghijabi said...

very cute!

hijabichica said...

if you dont mind me asking, what do you usually eat for suhoor and iftar? ramadan mubarak

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalaam wa alaykum everyone!

gettinghijabi - Thank you! =D

Hijabichica - To break our fasts, water and dates. We usually eat a three course breakfast for suhoor, and for iftar whatever the people at the masjid or my Mom makes for dinner. :D Alhamdulilah.

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