It sounds pretty weird, but get this; it works great for oily skin. I'm talking about the yeast for for cooking/baking. Because it dries the skin out completely, it's probably best to do this one once or twice a week. Now, when I do the face mask I use only yeast and honey. Some people add lemon juice, yogurt, or other ingredients to it. If your a cheap-o hijabi, you'd probably do better with sticking to the yeast only paste. :D Lol.

Yeast & Honey Only Paste

1. Packet of Yeast. Any brand is good, just as long as it is the cooking kind. :)

2. Some water.

3. A bowl.

4. Honey (optional)

Add a small amount of yeast to the bowl. You do not want to use alot or waste the yeast because you cannot save yeast mixed with water. One small package of yeast should last you three facials. The bigger packages last you months. Add enough water to make a muddy paste. Don't add too much water, you know when you've added too much water when it rolls off your face. Make sure that you add enough so that it isn't so thick that it can't smear on your face smoothly. If you want, add a squirt of honey, and mix, mix, mix! Mix it till you can't mix anymore!

Then smear the paste all over your face. Under your eyes, around your mouth, and so on. Let the paste sit on your face until it dries completely. I let it sit on my face until the paste starts to make my face look like it's cracking in all different directions. Don't worry, there's no pain. :) Wash the dried paste off with warm water. Once the paste is off completely, do a double wash with cold water. Dry your face with a towel, and use the Ice Cube treatment. Pat your face dry with a soft towel, and use Aloe Vera or a light lotion for moisturizer. If you want, you can use Honey as your moisturizer. Here is another recipe that uses Yeast and Yogurt only. Here is another one with Lemon and yogurt.

Do NOT store left overs. It ferments and smells really badly. I honestly don't like the smell of water and yeast, regardless if it ferments or not. It's still a really good mask for people with oily skin, and it's pretty cheap! May Allah bless and reward us all! ~ Nisa


Lisa said...

I am really excited about this one sister and greatly apprecaiate it! It looks extremely affordable too compared to my Mary Kay green ones that stink and cost a lot. Love you lots!

Nailz-In-Aus said...

Hi Hun
you have been tagged with the
'Honest Scrap Tag'
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take care hun =D

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalaam wa alaykum,

Thank you for your comment Lisa! :D I'm glad you appreciate it! I'll be back with more recipes insha allah.

Nailz - Okay, thank you! :D Take care!

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