This recipe for a brown sugar scrub can be used as a daily cleanser. It leaves the skin feeling extremely silky soft and looking radiant. Wallahi, your face will feel like a baby's butt! Seriously! You can also use it on your hands, feet, and lips.
Brown Sugar Scrub

You will need for a basic face scrub:
1 table spoon of Light or Dark Brown Sugar
1 table spoon of Olive oil
A wash cloth

Mix the brown sugar and olive oil together. Smear on the face and scrub GENTLY in a slow, circular motion for one or two minutes. When you are done, wash the sugar off of your face with luke warm water. Your face will feel very greasy. Take the wash cloth, wet it, and wipe off your face. Rinse your face off once more with cold water (to avoid having to do the ice treatment afterwards, use ice water), and pat dry your face with a soft towel. Moisturizer shouldn't be needed, but if you have extra dry skin applying a dime sized amount of Aloe Vera can't hurt. Let everyone feel the difference in your face. Beautiful, bright, and soft! If you have any left overs (your hands should already feel soft), use it on your lips. May Allah bless and guide us all ~ Nisa


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