I think you probably all know that one of my favorite colors is pink. It goes great with my skin tone, it's "feminine" (although I try hard not to associate colors with genders), and it's such a happy color. This set looks a bit more like what someone would just "throw on" in the house.
Around the house style: Ooh pink
Being simple can go a long way, just as long as it's done right. Making do with what you have is part of what sparks creativity! I love those sneakers in the set though! Also sisters, perfume inside the house only! Wearing those tight shorts around brothers or older sons may not be the best thing to do, so opt for pink sweat pants if you can. :) The make-up should be kept to the minimum. You can't make salaat if your face is doused in make-up. So if you don't want to have to reapply your hard work, don't make a fuss over your face. Looking like this:
Is unacceptable, and ugly. D: A nice application of kohl, non water proof mascara, lipgloss, and a light application of eyeshadow is totally in. All of those can be re applied without too much inconvenience. Oh, and please don't eat my M&M's! :D May Allah bless and guide us all! -Nisa


Nailz-In-Aus said...

salaamz sis
super cute at home outfit,i love pink
and omg look at that make up ahhhh its awful

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalaam wa alaykum,

Thank you for the comment. :D

Yeah, that make-up is hideous!!

Anonymous said...

very cute! as much as i love makeup, i agree that the picture of the blonde lady w/the dog is nothing short of scary. i usually wear mascara, black eyeliner on my inner rim, bronze/brown or dark silver eyeliner on my top lashline, and gold/copper or silver eyeshadow. sometimes, i wear bright eyeliner (plum or turquoise) with either white eyeshadow or none at all. and then i wear concealer and sheer/clear lip gloss. that's pretty much it.
as for perfume, i ususally wear body splash rather than strong perfume, and i don't wear a lot of it, so no one can really smell it unless i'm hugging them or something. and i don't go around hugging non mahrams usually :D

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