On Sunday my best friends, sister, and I had a conference. Before we began the conference, my friends & I helped set up the tables, podium, did henna (I did my Mom, myself, another girl, and Sis double you), and food. Then we talked, and had a little bit of then. When the people finally arrived, we talked about the Wives of the Prophet (saw), as I told you all before. It was great! All of my friends did their essays nicely, even my friend who doesn't speak English very well. She did amazing! This time we stood in the Musallah and spoke to the audience over speaker. Some people took pictures, and some took video recordings, alhamdulilah. Wipe the horrified look of your faces, there were no men. :P Not one, except for some sisters Husband and my friends brother. They stood outside for three hours waiting for us to finish when they didn't have to, subhanallah.

Afterwards we had a bake sale and henna art. My Mom made coconut pound cake and Patti Labelles carrot cake (I do NOT like carrot cake at all, but this cake was delicious! You NEED to try this cake! We didn't add raisins though.) My friend # 1 made home-made brownies and strawberry cake. Friends 2 & 3 made these Moroccan cookies that are made with honey, and strawberry cupcakes (she made 54!). Friend #4's mother burnt whatever she made. Friend #3 and I also did Henna Art. I had brought my portfolio, but she didn't bring hers...so she used one of my patterns. I did one little girl, and she did the little girls sister. When the conference was finished we made Asr, split up the remaining cakes among each working family, and went home. I was so tired! We were going to go to a soccer field to play soccer afterwards, but everyone was too tired, and it was too late!

As for my Henna, insha allah I will be having a Henna Art business because my customers that I do randomly really like my work. Insha allah I may also be doing Henna art for a bride at my masjid! I can't wait!! Next month we will be going to a big masjid that is a bit far away to do another conference on hijab. We are really excited about that too. We were supposed to be doing a speech on hijab at another masjid that is closer, but the sister wants us to do it in front of MEN and women. We were like, no way! So insha allah we we will see. May Allah bless and guide us all! ~Nisa


Nailz-In-Aus said...

salaamz sis alhamdulillah your day went well, all those cakes sound so yummy,i didnt know you did henna thats great ive been wanting to try it out it looks so beautiful masha'allah.
tc sis =D

Bengali said...

Home-baked food is always really good, and best when it's warm

The henna business idea is really interesting. Hope it goes well.

and i like the picture; has this touch of serenity in it =]

hijabichica said...

hey cool! so where did you have this cinference the place looks big!

Sunni Hijabi said...

Salaam everyone!,

Nailz - Yes, sis..alhamdulilah it did! It was very, very tiring. Insha allah I will upload pictures of my henna for you soon! :) I wish I could have sent you a piece of cake, we had so much left over1

Bengali - Yes, I love home-baked food. So yummy, there is nothing like eating something YOU or someone made and labored over. Not some factory made product. Hehe. Insha Allah I hope the business goes well too, thank you sis.

Hijabchica - Thanks sis for your comment. Unfortunately that isn't the masjid we had the conference in. It was a bit smaller, this masjid picture here is one in NYC. :D

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