Juma Mubarak everyone! I know the times around the world are different, so you may or may not have already attended Juma. You also may just be getting ready for Juma, or you are already there. Regardless the time, Juma mubarak! It is my favorite time of the week, I mean sincerely! I don't go for Juma (my Dad does), but I feel the excitement of it! I have done a set that I think would be nice to wear after the lecture at the masjid (orange is a bit too bright). I love how orange and black mix together. I don't limit colors like that to pagan holidays like Haloween. They are just COLORS.
Popping with Oranges

I don't know, now that I look at the colors they don't look so bright. Plus, it's only a small amount of orange. What do you ladies think? May Allah bless and reward us all! -Nisa


Nailz-In-Aus said...

salaamz sis i love the orange and black it looks great,i think all colours go with black,black it the best colour to match.

Sara said...

hey sister, when I visit your blog and hear the Quran its beautiful Mashallah but if i click on something else such as to post a comment, it cuts it off and I heard its not good to cut off quran without saying Sadak Allahu el azim but it doesnt give me a warning that its guna get cut off, I dont want to tell you to take it off thats entirely up to you but I just thought Id let you know.

Skye =D said...

Salaamz sis I started another blog check it out mwahh


Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalamu alaykum,

Sara - Okay thank you sister, I will take it down because of that reason. :]

Skye - Alhamdulilah sister, I will check out your new blog! :D

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