I love babies so much, I can describe them in one word. Adorable. Well, if someone asked me to describe babies in one word, I would. However, there's so many more words that I can describe them as. Adorable, fluffy, sweet, cuddly, cute, beautiful, a blessing, and all that mushy jazz. :) My teacher from my masjid just had a baby, and I had watched her baby grow while she was pregnant. It was so weird seeing her baby out of her stomach for the first time. The baby is beautiful (the picture to the left is not her)! I was amazed when I touched one of her perfect little toes. Masha Allah! I love babies so much!
At our masjid, there is a large community of small kids. On Family day events it gets kind of hard to control them all, but my friends & I do a pretty good job of keeping them in check. We play games, talk to them, and cuddle them (even though they aren't our children so we can't keep them! Lol). I cannot wait to get married, finish my schooling, and have myself a baby. Although, I am a little afraid of them growing up. Because when they are 18 you can't cuddle them like that anymore. Then what with all of the terror birth stories, I get really nervous. Other than my little fears, babies are such a reward. Ladies, if you have babies you should be sooo thankful! I am so jealous when I hear that someone is having a baby, but I am also excited for them too. Alhamdulilah.

All I can do for now is play those virtual "baby" games, and play with my baby doll. Lol. Insha allah one of these days I will be blessed with a little one myself. :) May Allah bless and guide us all! -Nisa


Nailz-In-Aus said...

salaamz sis hehehehe that baby is so cute masha'allah,i love babies aswell,everytime i see a baby i almost cry with how much i want one hehehe..Insha'allah u will get married and have lots of lil ones hehehe. tc =D

Anonymous said...

Are babies fluffy?
Babies are cute and all, but giving birth really scares me.

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalam wa alaykum sisterss,

Nailz - OH yes, I almost cry too! They are sooo cute and irresistible! I do hope my future husband wants alot, insha allah! Lol. :D

Malandi - Yes, babies are fluffy if they are dressed in the right clothing, lol. Giving birth really scares me too, but I think the result is beautiful, and better. Plus, you earn benefits in Islam when you become a mother. :D So worth it!

Bengali said...

same here! I love babies too. and toddlers who just learned how to talk =D

hijabichica said...

salam! awww i love babies, im the oldest of fam,ily and have been surrounded by a multitude of little children. i still call my little cousins that are like six, seven years old babies. anyway check out my blog! hijabichica.blogspot

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asaalm wa alaykum sisters,

Bengali - Oh yeah! The toddlers always say the weirdest and funniest things. Lol. xD

Hijabichica - Alhamdulilah sis! :D

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