When I was on my way headed to play soccer with my masjid, I spotted this Asian lady in my town. She was eating ice cream, and strolling to her car. She looked so cute and fresh. Not only that, but she looked half way modest. So, I decided to hijabify her cute town style.
Hijabi: Town Style

The style is so easy to do! It's fresh, slightly simply, and stylish. The Asian lady had a short sleeved cardigan on, so I added a long sleeved cardigan. How cute is that? The only thing she did not have was the necklace and sunglasses. I added those because I love long necklaces and sunglasses. As for a hijab, I would wear a pale yellow one, or the white one in the set. Or both! Polyvore is making it a bit hard to find hijabs to go with the sets, so I'll just start suggesting them here. Oh and for that little revealing part by the neck when you wear the tube tops, just drape your hijab so that it covers it nicely. May Allah bless and guide us all! -Nisa


Anonymous said...

i love, love, LOVE this outfit! i'm wearing something very similar right now (: a yellow tunic dress with an ivory cropped cardigan, jeans, and a golden beige hijab (i physically cannot wear a plain white or plain black hijab--the former makes me feel like a nun and the latter makes me feel like the stereotypical Muslim hijabi--all black, full niqab--you know what i mean). (: just saying

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