Egg masks are good for people with oily skin. It also brightens your skin, fights acne, tightens the pores, draws out oils, and is loaded with proteins for the skin. This mask is best done at night as opposed to in the morning. The yolk is a natural moisturizer, and the whites is like a toner. You can also just use the whites after doing another face mask.

First, get one egg.
Then get two bowls and a fork.
Crack the egg and separate the whites and the yolk. Put the yolk in one bowl, and the whites in the other.
Whip the whites until it is bubbly.
Take some of the whites and smear it all over your face. You can do the unders of the eyes too, because it seems to help with getting rid of those dark circles. Just be careful to avoid the actual eye.
Let the whites dry on your face. Rinse, and pat dry your face.
Then, take the yolk and smear it on your face. It will feel very moisterizing! Let it dry, and wash it off. Pat dry. The skin may or may not feel a little itchy. If it does, put a little more moisturizer on. A little bit of lotion or aloe vera should do. Here's Michelle Phan if you need visual help:

Remember when doing ANY mask or facial rub in outward circles to prevent wrinkling. Also, be gentle on your face! Use warm water to wash off Masks, and cold water afterwards to close pores. IF you want to look refreshed in the morning, use the ice cube technique under your eyes. Works beautifully! May Allah Bless and Guide us All. ~Nisa


Anonymous said...

Ooo nice tips! Eggs would be a lot cheaper compared to my regular facial routine.

Stephanie said...

Well I tried your tomato scrub which I though was a little crazy, but it worked! So I *might* actually try this if I get up the courage :)

Aalia said...

Hmmm... interesting!! I am looking for a good facial mask and this may be it!! Have uu tried it urself though?

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalaam wa alaykum,

Mlandi - It is alot cheaper! It's better than buying a whole jar of nuetrogena...that stuff burns...and it has unnatural chemicals in it! Ow!

Stephanie - Lol! It is a little crazy, and a little weird too...but it's worth it! :P Plus it's really cheap!

Aalie - Egg masks are really good, I really recommend them. Yes, I've tried the egg mask. It has amazing results. I wish I could post a picture of how bright and clear looking my face is. Now, nice skin doesn't run in my family. My Mother has bad acne, therefore I have bad acne. Not only do I have acne, but I have a slight discoloration in my skin. The sun darkens the rest of my face while my nose area and the part between my eyes stays dark. I look like a superhero with a mask on. :( I use the mask once a week or every two weeks because my parents buy expensive eggs...the all natural brown ones so I don't use it as often as I like. My skin usually feels itchy after using it, but I just apply a little more moisturizer. I also use the ice treatment. It's so refreshing in the morning! Plus it makes you look so alive!

Sunni Hijabi said...


Lisa said...

This sounds so much better than the usual stinky green mask that seems to dry out my skin. Thanks for the suggestio. The only question, is the smell of the eggs manageable?

My Getaway said...

Interesting blog! I will for sure try this! I have had issues with acne for a while. Do you have scars left after acne? and if you do, any good treatments you know of?


Nailz-In-Aus said...

thanks for tip...whenever I use those bought masks they always make my nose ring infected so i think this one will be great due to all natural! thanx hun

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalaam wa alaykum!

Lisa - To be quite honest, when I use the eggs immediately I don't smell anything. However, I believe different eggs differ with the smells, and it depends on how fresh they are. Stay away from eggs that have been left out for a day or two. I left my leftover egg whites in a cool place for a day and it smelled like it fermented. Pretty stinky! Oh, and definitely avoid rotten eggs! I think the feeling of smearing the eggs on your face is a little more hard to stomach than a possible smell. :P So yes, I'd say the smell is manageable...alhamdulilah!

My Getaway - Thank you for your comment! I only have scars after acne when I scratch, put hot water, pop, and irritate the pimples. Then it leaves an unpleasant black scar. Those scars are called blemishes. I use cocoa butter to get rid of the scars. It usually takes a few weeks for the blemish to go away. The honey mask is good for blemishes too I believe.

Nail-In-Aus - You're welcome! If other masks irritate your nose ring, you should be careful about using Egg masks too! Be sure to wash the mask entirely off, dry completely, and moisturize.

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