Well, Michael Jackson the most well known artist in the world died yesterday. I knew he would die someday, I just didn't think it would come so suddenly. It was said that he was preparing for another concert or something like that. It just goes to show you how powerful Allah (swt) really is. He has control over everything, and everyone. He gives and takes life. Money, fame, and fortune will not allow you to escape death. I grew up listening to M.J as my parents were fans of his when I was younger. So yeah. I've heard accounts that he was Muslim, and my Mom says he IS Muslim. If he did revert to Islam then I hope he finds peace. I find it real sad though, that his last few years were spent in worry. With all those accusations, money problems, and people gossiping...it's no wonder his body gave in from all the stress. Then in the pictures in the news, I see people mourning him in the most ignorant fashion. On the floor, crying hysterically, lifting their hands to the sky...what in the world? I really do pray that Allah is merciful on M.J, and the ignorance of these people do not effect him. May Allah bless and guide us all ~Nisa


Anonymous said...

OMG i agree!! What's pathetic is that when he was alive, people kept talking bad about him because of the whole child molestation thing and all that sh!t and now those exact same people are all like "OMG SAD HE DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!" hypocrites!

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