My all time favorite easy-to-wear pants are sweat pants. They just slip on, and they look really cute under a big shirt! It's casual, and easy to move it. I use the treadmill every other day, and I own about two pairs of sweat pants. A gray pair and a blue pair. It beats wearing big jeans on the treadmill. My sister wonders at how I can get up in the early in the morning (directly after Fajr) and look through my closet for clothes to wear. I said, "anything for fashion!" Lol. So yeah, basically if I am feeling lazy and it's my day to do the treadmill, sweat pants are a fruity life saver. So, I created this outfit:

A little atheltic. ;D

I'm not so sure about the big bead necklace if you're going to be doing some serious running (eight miles per hour anyone?). Opting for a bracelet instead is probably the safest alternative. You don't want to be knocked in the head while performing your epic dashing skills, now do you? ;) Also, the hijab could probably be used to cover Hello Kitty on the front. I just thought it was a really cute sweater. :) May Allah bless and guide us all! - Nisa


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