I have always loved how Chinese dresses have looked. They are so beautiful and elegant. I have no idea how to hijabify them because the dresses are very form fitting. Now, unless you want to buy dresses three sizes bigger than you, and wear a long cardigan over the top; it's up to you. However, who says you can't rock them inside the home? So, I created a set for the hijabi's and niqabi's to wear inside the home:

Simply sauve...
Look at how pretty the green is! I am so in love with this dress, it isn't even funny. Well, if I can find it in a store one of these days, I will wear it around the house. Remember ladies, perfume only inside of the home! As for a hairstyle, how about this beautiful chinese hairbun?

That is so pretty! On Youtube I found a demonstration on how to do it. Just don't try to wear this under your hijab. The sticks may ruin your hijab, or you may accidentally poke yourself. :)

May Allah bless and guide us all! - Nisa


Stephanie said...

salam alaikum
that tutorial on the hairbun was cool! She made it look so easy. Might have to try that. I'm so tired of always wearing my hair up in a sloppy bun or ponytail.

Bengali Muslimah said...

Salaam Nisa,
Chinese clothing is truly so elegant, but only the chinese can really pull it off wearing those gorgeous dresses. I love your combo, the green color is a pretty soothing color.

Anonymous said...

That's really cute! And I love green.
Oh another problem is a qi pao tends to have really long slits up both sides. I think an ao dai (Vietnamese type of dress) might be easier to hijab-ify it has long sleeves and pants.

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalamwa alaykum everyone,

Stephanie - Salaam! Yeah, I just tried it last night and this morning. It's really beautiful, and it's REALLY easy!! All you need is some sort of stick...and wa-la..a bun that looks fab.Thanks for your comment!

Bengali Muslima - Saalam! Yeah, I agree. I have only seen Chinese women looking really beautiful in them. Maybe that's why it's so hard for me to get one. Lol. Thank you for your comment!

Malandi - Salaam! I forgot about it having slits up the sides. Don't they usually wear pants with it too? I can't remember. I'll have to look into an Ao dai, insha allah. :D Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...


Ya know, I don't usually see people wearing pants with a qi pao--not that they can't it's just something I rarely, or if ever see.

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