I've noticed that on many fashion hijab blogs that there is a lack of outfits for inside the home. Yeah, sometimes we hijabis & niqabis want to dress up all beautiful in the outfits that we can't wear outside. Just because we can't wear it outside doesn't mean we are entirely barred from wearing them entirely. Of course we would have to dress for salaah, but throwing a jilab on for ten minutes to make salaah shouldn't stop us from looking guh-or-geeeous. ;) Many Muslim women have husbands that like to see them dressed up, or many of us simply dress up because we want to look cute for ourselves! Now ladies, if you have older sons or brothers living at home with you some of these outfits may not be for you. Your brothers don't want to see you trotting around in Daisy Dukes, believe me! However, if you are single or married with small or no children; go for it! Otherwise, opt for a pair of jeans. :)  The very first Around the House Style on this blog for us hijabi/niqabi sisters is the Hidden princess.
Magical Pink Kingdom
Haha, get it? Hidden princess? Remember, perfume only inside the house! Of course the stuff in the set may be a bit expensive, but options are available. Don't be discouraged by the prices. :) May Allah bless & guide us all. - Nisa  


Stephanie said...

Salam Alaikum sister,
I like your Arouond the House idea. Those little knit dresses are my fav to wear at home cuz they're as comfortable as a nightgown and still look cute for your DH. I look forward to seeing more of these sets. Thanks.

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalam wa alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sis,

Thank you for your comment! Insha'allah I will begin posting more as soon as I can. :) Yeah, I love those cute knit dresses, so comfy!


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