This outfit is totally ridiculous, but if you're a fan of pirates you'll like it. To be quite honest, I'd probably wear it if I had the right stuff. Then again, people might think that I'm a walking terrorist pirate. Hahaha. Oh the imagined looks of horror are hilarious! 
Arr! Shiver me Timberz!
The only thing I would not wear is the seemingly zebra patterned purse. I'd opt for a black or white messenger bag. Or, you could weild a sword! Yar har har! May Allah bless & guide us all! -Nisa


Anonymous said...

I dig those shoes and that clutch...maybe add in an eye patch for that special touch.

Sunni Hijabi said...

Yeah, I was going to go for the eye patch, but geeeze...that'd make it even weirder. Lol! :D Yeah, I'm loving the shoes too.

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