For a summer trip I would really like to take a trip to the closest beach. The closest one that I know of is a man-made beach, and I guess that is good enough. I would still like the real deal though. I haven't been to a beach in a very long time, and the last time I went I was little. So, maybe one of these weekends when the masjid classes are closed I can ask my dad. Atleast before the summer ends. Just a day trip. Probably unlikely because I am so active in my masjid this summer! Insha allah, the masjid is going to Six Flags on Eid so we are raising money. Anyway, I created an outfit of what I would wear to the beach;
Minty Beach day

I would try to wear something similar to that, and I'd try to find a Kiwi smoothie too. I would go shopping just to find an outfit like that. To me it just says "I'm going to the beach today!". Insha allah, one day we will go...but for now I will just be content with going to the river. :) May Allah bless and guide us all! ~Nisa


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