I love to read. It's one of my favorite past times. In school Language Arts is one of my favorite subjects next to Biology/Anatomy (which is why I want to become a pediatrician...that's an entirely different topic though).  I love reading classic books most of all though. There seems to be more of the book. No, not more pages. More of the book as a whole. The plot, characters, wording, etc. I've read some present day books, and in my opinion they are nothing to the classical books I have read. So, I shamelessly stole a list from sister (islamically) Muslim Revert & Proud. Since the list is too long for my layout, I'm going to post bits of it at a time. :P  The books that I really liked are in bold.

1. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 

Read. This book is a really good curl up and read book. If you like light hearted adventures, this could be the book for you. I found this book quite funny, but some of the humour is sort of...well...old. Lol.

2. Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain

Read I liked this book more than I liked the one about Huckleberry. It's funny, and very entertaining. Tom Sawyer is one of those characters that has the loveable mishceviousness to them. 

3. The ├ćneid Virgil

Never heard of it 

4. Age of Reason Jean Paul Sartre

Never heard of it

5. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll

Read this book twice by myself, and once to my little Sister & Brothers. It's a really good book although if you aren't careful you can get lost in the story. Yeah, seriously. You're almost as lost as Alice is. :P Entertaining book. 

6. Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll

Read this. I didn't like this one as much as the first one although it was nice to journey back into Wonderland again. Quite boring if you ask me. The story sort of drawled on a bit, but I don't know. That's just me. :)

7. All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque

Never heard of it. I like the sound of it, so this is definitely first on my list to read.

8. The American Henry James

Never heard of it

9. Andersonville MacKinlay Kantor

Never heard of it

10. Animal Farm George Orwel

I really want to read this book. I read the reviews on it, and they were impossible. How could a book with a title like this be so good? :P Heh heh. 

l11. Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy

Never heard of it

12. Arrowsmith Sinclair Lewis

Never heard of it.

13. Babbit Sinclair Lewis

Never heard of it.

14. Bell Jar Sylivia Plath

Never heard of it

15. Beowulf

Maybe. I'm not exactly sure if I'll like it very much though, judging from the way the movie looked.

16. The Bible

Read verses to compare it with the Qu'ran to pawn Islamophobic Christians.

17. Big Sky A.B. Guthrie

Never heard of it

18. Billy Budd Herman Meville

Never heard of it

19. Brave New World Aldous Huxley

Never heard of it

20. Brothers Karamozov Fyodor Dostoyevski

Never heard of it

21. Caine Mutiny Herman Wouk

Never heard of it

22. Call of the Wild Jack London

Never heard of it

23. Candide Voltaire

Never heard of it

24. Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer

Heard of it...can't remember if I read it though.

25. The Castle Franz Kafka

I think I've read this.

26. Catch-22 Joseph Heller

Neve heard of it

27. Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger

Heard of it, might read 

28. The Chosen Chaim Potok

Never heard of it

29. Complete Stories of Edgar Allen Poe E.A. Poe

Never hastened to read it.

30. Color Purple Alice Walker

Read a bit of it. Depressing, and I am unlikely to read anymore of it.

31. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Mark Twain

I may read this book. Seems boring though.

32. Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas

Never heard of it.

33. Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevski

Never heard of it.

34. Cry, the Beloved Country Alan Paton

Never heard of it

35. Daisy Miller Henry James

Never heard of it

36. Darkness at Noon Arthur Koestler

Never heard of it

37. David Copperfield Charles Dickens

Will get around to reading this by and by. Charles Dickens is a really good author.

38. Death Comes for the Archbishop Willa Cather

Never heard of it

39. A Death in the Family James Agee

Never heard of it.

40. The Dollmaker Harriet Arnow

Never heard of it

41. Don Quiote de la Mancha Miguel de Cervantes

Read this. This is such a good book! It's sad in the end, but it's kind of funny! Don Quiote is a loveable lunatic. :) One of my all time faves. 

42. Dracula Bram Stoker

I want to read this so badly, but I can never get around to reading it!

43. Dune Frank Herbert

Never heard of it

44. Emma Jane Austen

Read it. I love almost all of the Jane Austen books, so this one really didn't take me by suprise. I keep getting her books mixed up though. So I'm not sure which one this actually is, all I know is that I read it and it was good. 

45. Ethan Frome Edith Wharton

Never heard of it.

Part one's Honorary Mentions:

Little Women & Little Men By Louisa May Alcott - All time favorite books!!

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

I'll get around to reading alot of the books I didn't read. Stay around for future classic book reviews. ;) I mainly read only classic books because most of them are content clean. So yeah, classic books all the way. Hm, besides hijab/modesty as the reason, there is no wonder why I act like such a dainty lady. :P  May allah bless and guide us all! ~ Nisa


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I read Billy Bud and it was painfully boring for me. Beowulf isn't that bad if you like Old English literature--the film was so whack I didn't even think they read Beowulf.

My dad gave me all the Dune books and he thought since the author kinda draws from Islamic things I'd enjoy them. Like, they fight jihads for their muad'dib and it's set on a desert planet and they have this natural resource not available anywhere else. I haven't gotten around to reading them, but I do like the movies.

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalam wa alykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Malandi,

Thanks for your comment! I'll give Beowulf a shot, but I think Shakespear traumatized me with that jibber jub. I'll also try to check out the Dune books because I don't watch movies that often. Thanks! :P

Waslaam walaykum!

Ldn.Hijabi said...

I recommend Catch 22, if you can get past all the repetition of it =|

In the end it's quite a good read though.

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalam wa alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Ldn.Hijabi,

Thanks for your comment! Insha allah I'll get around to reading it. Before I read it, I'll use trusty old Wikipedia to find out if it interests me or not. :P



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