Yellow is such a pretty color. Actually, it's my Moms favorite color so this set is dedicated to her. I love the summery feel of this outfit. It's so cheerful, and light. Not only that, but it seems a bit vintage, and I love vintage clothing.

It was all Yellow
Oh and flip flops are so comfortable! I love wearing these things around the house! To me, they are better than slippers. I also love the sounds they make when you walk. Lol. Flop, flop, flop...fffttt.

A beautiful french braid would go with this style! French braids are so pretty! Except, when worn under hijab it sort of looks like you have a bumpy head...so...not recommended!

May Allah bless and guide us all! ~Nisa


eli said...

Wow!!! you have such a beautiful blog layout and background!!!

Its a refreshment just to look at your blog

Sunni Hijabi said...

Salaam Eli!

Thank you for your comment! :D It really put a smile on my face! Thank you! ~ Nisa

MuSLiMa FlOwEr said...

i love this look! Mashallah its so cute!

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