Yes ladies, you heard it. I'm going to recite and read poems at my masjid this week at a huge conference! I'm excited, and scared at the same time, and there will be alot of people. My friends & younger sister are going to speak on the importance of hijab. I'll be reading mostly poems on hijab, including the one I wrote myself.

Hijabi Personality
By: Nisa (anon)
I respect myself enough to cover.
From head to toe, my body is protected from the eyes of others.

I wear the hijab and I abide by the rules of adaab.
"You're a real beauty," comments my Dad.
I'm still beautiful even if I'm not scantily clad.

Wearing the hijab does not limit me,
I am entitled to my rights to think and be free.
I may be or do whatever I please.
Anything, as long as it doesn't conflict with my deen.

One of these days I will be something great.
People will respect me for my personality traits.
They won't ridicule me for my body weight, and
I will never have to look like an overdone fashion plate.

College is ahead on my future path.
Yes, I'll be studying that applied math,
when I'm done I'll relax in my bubble bath.

No, I won't spend my time over a kitchen stove,
I'll look deeper than that for my own dream treasure trove.

I'll explore the whole world if I must,
and hopefully my dear husband won't put up a fuss.

I'll play sports, soccer is fine.
If you want to catch me, I'll be by the goal line.

I'll kick off my shoes, and shuffle to bed.
I'll wake up in the morning with a tussled head.
06/17/09 EDIT: OH NO!! THERE WAS MORE TO MY POEM THAN JUST THIS. D: Insha allah I will post the rest soon.

Should I change anything? Don't be afraid to criticize!My main poem will be Baby it's all good. I'm sure many of you have heard of that poem. I will also recite a few surahs. My friends will be reading some essays and reading a few other poems. Then my best friend and I will do some henna. The last time we did henna at our masjid flea market and we made about $15.00. They were all non-Muslims though. So at this event, there will be nothing but Muslims. Insha allah we will make enough money to raise for our masjid trips. I got a pretty yellow dress to wear to the event. I can't find the exact dress, but it has thin rope straps with flowers. It also has little sequins running below the breast line. Here is something like what I will be wearing:
My outfit
I haven't decided on a yellow hijab or a black one. Or both. I could wear a black under scarf with my Mom's soft yellow hijab. Or, the reverse. What do you think? Yes, I seriously wear glasses. Except, mine are not silver. They are brown. ;( So insha allah my friends and I will do good. We are going to the rehearsal a day before the actual event to help clean up the masjid etc. If you don't hear from me, you know I'm preparing my notes, practicing, making hijab pins, and brushing up on my henna art. Love you girls for the sake of Allah! May Allah bless and Guide us all ~ Nisa


Jaz said...

Wow wow wow! That sounds great - you'll do really well and the poem is fantastic! The outfit is gorgeous too, good luck

Nailz-In-Aus said...

alhamdulillah sis good luck insha allah all goes well =D

Sunni Hijabi said...

Asaalam wa alaykum wa ramatullahi wa barakatuh Jaz & Nailz,

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate your support! I hope I don't trip while getting up to speak. Lol. :D Insha allah that won't happen. May Allah bless and reward you both. -Nisa

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