Last Saturday I went to the conference where I was to speak. I went early to help clean up the masjid, and arrange the food. My Mom made baked macaroni and potato salad...and I almost didn't get any! People started arriving while we were cleaning up, setting up food tables..etc. We were a little behind time when the actual conference started. The theme was about Prophet Muhammad's (saw) life and teachings. It was a pretty good conference, and about five Imam's spoke. The sheik of my masjid told my friends and I that next Sunday (this Sunday) we will have a sort of "quiz show" with maybe prizes (!!!). The lectures were mostly stuff that I knew already because I read the hadith a lot.

After the lectures we finally got to eat. I was starving because I didn't eat lunch before I left home. As we were getting our food, I looked for the food my Mom made. It was almost all gone! Luckily, my friend A saved me some potato salad. ;D I took some BBQ chicken (best BBQ chicken I have had so far!), Moroccan Couscous (that my friends Mom made...yummy! It's in the picture...I'm serious...it looks exactly like that!) , fried fish, corn muffins, Bread pudding, and some other chicken. There was a lot of chicken. Lol. Then after we ate, we did our hijab lecture! The Sisters really liked it! They liked it so much, that we are invited to speak again at a bigger masjid. :D I did henna on three guests at our masjid. So I made $15.00. My friend M did henna on one person. So together we made $20.00. I forgot to say we went up on our prices because people say my designs are pretty extravagant, and everyone wanted to give me a beat down for accidentally charging $5.00 a hand. Hehe. :P Ooops.

Sister1: (staring at my hand) "OOOH!! Who's doing the henna?"

Me: "Well, my friend and I."

Sister 2: "Really?! Mom, Mom...please?!"

Mother of two sisters (thinking):"Hmm...how much?"

Me (spur of moment thoughtbyaccident):" "$5.00 a hand."

Sister1: "Pleeaaase?!"

Mother of two sisters: "Okay, go get the money out of the car..."

Sister2 (runs off): "Kay!"

Sister 1 and Mother start ruffling through my designs I lay out. Both pick the same flower-vine hand design.

Sister 1: "I want it on both hands."

Mother: "Then I'd have to pay $20.00."

Sister1: "Yeah, I know."

Mother: "One hand is enough."

Sister2 comes back with money and needs change...goes off to find maintainer of masjid, Sis double you. Sister2 picks a design of swirls that goes all over the hand.

Sis Double You comes in to see the designs being taken place. She says to the two Sisters and mother;

"That's a $10.00 design you are getting."

I went home at about 9:30 PM. I had been there since 10:00 AM. Up at 8:00 because I had to help cook, and get dressed. There wasn't really a lot of people that I had expected, but there was ENOUGH people. People that I have never seen before in our community. Alhamdulilah, it was a really fun day. Insha allah, this summer for me this year will be really busy, and it will mostly evolve around my masjid...alhamdulilah! Oh, and everyone liked my dress! :) I also have more followers to my blog...Asalaam wa alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh everyone!! May Allah bless and guide us all! ~Nisa


Bengali Muslimah said...

=] your mehndi looks beautiful!

Sunni Hijabi said...


Oh no, no. That's not my mehndi..just someone from google, but thanks for the kind comment. :P Lol. I will upload a picture of MY henna for you to see.

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