I love how white and blue colors mix together to create the perfect sets. I love the color blue because it looks really good on me. It brings out my complexion, and it cames in many different shades. White is a little hard to keep clean on me. Hehe. I am such a sloppy eater, or I play too many games that require getting dirty. So when I wear white I have to be a lady (though I try to be very lady-like all the time).
Oh anchor...
This set is so pretty and cool looking. I am dying to try it out, and I especially want that purse! I don't know what it is, but I really love stripes and polka dots. Lol. Imagine wearing this outfit to a beach sitting on one of those big rocks by the sea? Or while your on a cruise staring into the sparkling water? To me, this screams SUMMER time and water! May Allah bless and guide us all! ~nisa


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